Dec 9, 2011

Goodbye 4th Term

Josh just left to take his last final of 4th term!  We have both been so anxious for this term to be over.  I don't think that Josh has ever NEEDED a break more than this term.  I've really been worried about him these past couple of weeks.  He's kinda been losing it.  I think he has been stuck in his man cave for too long.
Case in point, he's started doing this when I leave the house.  He comes out on the balcony and tells me not to leave all the while giving me a sad face and looking longingly at me. 

We really need a break from school! 

We'll be back in California tomorrow night and are SO excited!  See ya 4th term!  You weren't very much fun, but we made it through.  One more term left of basic sciences!

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