Dec 5, 2011

A Real "Girls" Night

Girl's nights became part of my weekly routine back in Newcastle.  There were so few of us girls in the UK, that we could easily accomodate every SO that was living in England at one person's house.  They were a necessary part of my week while we lived there and I really looked forward to the escape from the boredom at my flat. 

In Grenada, we have continued to have them but not with the kind of regularity that we did in Newcastle.  I think it might be due to the fact that there are over 100 SO's on the island and a "small" girl's night quickly turns into an organization wide affair.  Also, we see each other so regularly during the day at volunteer events, the pool, the beach, etc that it becomes easy to just forget about getting together in the evening.

This week however, a small group of us met at Lyndzee's house for some real girl fun.  It was a Newcastle reunion, plus one. :)  We painted nails, put on red lipstick, rolled our hair in rag curls, ate junk food, and took tons of pictures.  It was a night straight out of junior high, minus the prank phone calls and toilet papering our neighbor's house.  In other words, it was fantastic! 

These girls have been my rock during this journey through medical school.  I truly believe I never could have made it living in a foreign country without them.


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  1. Oh you guys are so fun!!! Totally missing you all! You look fabulous by the way! xoxox