Dec 18, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

I've been a bad blogger.

But in my defense, Josh and I have been home in Bakersfield for just over a week and we have been enjoying all things American and Christmasy.  There is nothing better than being with all of the ones you love during the Christmas season.

The day after we arrived back in Bakersfield, we set out with the rest of the Scurlock sibs on a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.  Our journey took us out to Shafter where we searched high and low for the best-looking tree.  And of course with my amazing tree searching abilities, we found it.

Josh, Brandon, Kristin, and Me
Then we had to cut the thing down.  It was a group effort.
 But one person really did most of the work. :)
It was such a fun day with all of the family.  I only wish we were in town more so we could stuff like this a little more often. 

Brooke, Cole, Me, Josh, Brandon, Kristin, Caleb, Jeff, and Jacob
 When we got home, we I decorated.  So now the tree is done, and it is beautiful.  And it finally feels like Christmas time.  And I am so glad to be home.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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