Mar 7, 2011

What I'll miss the most...

With Josh taking his Term 2 midterms this week, it has really brought to the forefront of my mind the reality that we will be leaving Newcastle in just a couple short months.  I've been thinking a lot about all the things that I will really miss once we leave the UK in May.  But first, how about some of the things that I WON'T miss.
  • The Rainy Weather:  I don't even know if half the time you can really call it rain.  Most days it is just this gross drizzle that isn't enough to actually make you sopping wet, but is just enough to make you miserable.
  • The Bitter COLD:  This. Place. Is. Seriously. Freezing.  I'm not kidding.  This has to have been the longest winter of my life.  When we arrived in August, I was wearing pants and jackets. And now I am still wearing pants and jackets along with sweatshirts, scarves, gloves, beanies, long socks, and boots.  I am told it will be cold even when we leave in May.  Where is the summer?  Where are the months of flip flops, bathing suits, and tank tops?!?  I seriously think that the administrators at SGU Googled "Places where the weather is the exact opposite of Grenada," and the UK popped up as the number 1 spot.  Then they thought, why not put a sister campus there? 
  • No Car:  Now I am a big fan of getting your daily dose of exercise, but seriously, I am sick of walking everywhere, for everything.  And public transport here is definitely a great means of getting around, but I long for the days where I can just jump in my car, head to Starbucks and get myself a Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte whenever I want without having to bundle up and make the 15 minute walk to the shopping area.
  • Mexican Food:  No...NOT Spanish food, Mexican food.  They don't have it here.  Not really at all, unless you count the canned refried beans and the small bottle of guacamole you can get at Tesco.
  • Miniature Fridges:  I have only recently mastered getting optimal space usage out of our dorm size fridge.  It will be nice when I can buy more than one gallon of milk without worrying "Will I have space for this in my fridge?"
This list could probably go on and on, but considering the UK was recently voted one of the most depressing places to live in in Europe, I don't think I need to rag on them much more.  Now for the things I WILL miss.
  • Our Flat:  Not only do I love getting to say that we live in a "flat,"  I also just really love our flat.  It's big, cozy, warm, and I've made it feel like home. It's the first place that Josh and I have lived together and I hope that someday I can bring our future children to Newcastle and take them to 24 Grosvenor Place and show them that this is where Mom and Dad made their first home as newlyweds.
  • Hot Tea:  Now I know you can get this pretty much anywhere on the earth, but for some reason, drinking hot tea from my big cozy chair, while looking out my large bay window as it drizzles outside is the best thing ever.  I know it just won't be the same anywhere else.
  • English Accents:  Though I still sometimes have difficulty understanding every word, I will always love listening to people speak with English Accents.  They just sound so formal and proper and the children are the best.  I feel like they are straight out of a Harry Potter movie.
However, the thing that I will miss the absolute most when I leave Newcastle will be beautiful Jesmond Dene, the park that sits practically right behind our flat.  I would literally walk through the park everyday if the weather was nice.  As it is, I walk at least two times a week.  To me, it is like stepping out of the big city and into an enchanted forest.  Something out of a Disney fairytale.  I love it.  Just yesterday, Julie and I wandered through, taking pictures because it was such a beautiful sunny day.

Yup, I don't think these pictures need anymore of an explanation.  They show you exactly what I mean without me having to say it.  Jesmond Dene definitely takes first place prize for the thing I will miss most about Newcastle.....But I have to say, having my groceries delievered to my front door is a close second.


  1. So funny, I have been thinking about the what I am and am not going to miss about Newcastle, too. You hit some great points. Those are great pictures too.

  2. Haha yea the list could seriously have kept going but oh well. By the way, I already had to buy space on that normal?! lol

  3. I'm LOVING your blog, Steph! And I'm thrilled to hear you've come to enjoy at least a few things about living in Newcastle. Miss you!

    Lots of love,

  4. UMMMMMMMM.... AND YOU ARE GOING TO MISS ME!!!!!!!!!!! You forgot to mention that in your post. Rude. ha ha jk.