Mar 5, 2011

To Market To Market...

Today Julie, Chelsea, Alta, Krew, Amberlea, Tammy, and I ventured over to Tynemouth to check out the weekend market.  It goes on every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 4:00pm at Tynemouth Station.  The station opened in 1882 as a train station and has since been converted into a metro station.  It's a very large station and still manages to keep a sense of the old Victorian era. It's beautiful and best of all, it's covered meaning that you can have lots of fun rain or shine.  Tons of traders flock to the station every weekend to sell their antiques and kinck knacks and this Saturday, the SO's of SGU Newcastle were there to barter with them.

We all met around 10:00am and headed to the coast.  After this trip, I am mad that this is the first time I have ever been to Tynemouth as it was soooo much fun.  When we got off the metro we knew we were in the right spot.  Hundreds of people were meandering around the station looking at the odds and ends at different tables.  It was honestly a little overwhelming at first but after a minute or two, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  So many hidden treasures could be found here!

 We all started wandering around in different directions looking at all the fun things.  If it wasn't for my bright yellow coat, we might have really gotten separated from each other at times.  I found so many different things that I wanted to buy.  I could just picture in my head some of the household items I could use to decorate a house with.  I wanted everything, I needed everything, but of course I couldn't buy everything.  Besides the fact that money is not in large supply, how would I even get half this stuff home.  Here are some of the things I might have purchased if I could get them home.

I don't even really know what this is exactly. But I like it.

Love the bread box...and the pink pitcher.

So cute in my kitchen.

Pretty much wanted to buy just about everything in this picture.

What girl wouldn't want to own the pink chair!

In love with these handmade quilts, but I doubt we'd need them in Grenada.

Leopard Chair....who doesn't have to have that!

Cute mirror and cute girls!

I think I NEED to own a leather suitcase.
We kept wandering and I think all of us made at least one purchase.  Here is what I didn't buy but really wish I had. Though my husband probably would have killed me, not because of the price but because of the functionality....but really, what is functional anyway?!
Why didn't I get this?! If I go back and it's there...Mom says I HAVE to get it.
We took a few photos in the station.  And a few shots of the station itself.  It really is amazing.

Me, Alta, Krew, Amberlea


Julie and Krew playing with cars

 I did make a couple of purchases that I am excited about because honestly, how could you NOT buy something here.

Can't wait to hang this wooden sign in the entry way or kitchen.

I plan to put an arrangement of fake flowers in here to display in the kitchen as well.
After a few hours, we finally made it out of the station and into the small town of Tynemouth.  It is such a cute coastal town and reminds me a lot of Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, or Morrow Bay minus the centuries old buildings and English accents of course.


Such a pretty old church.

The pinkest bus I've ever seen.

I think this would be a fun school to go to.

We did some shopping in Tynemouth. This place was so cute!
After all this shopping and bargaining, we were getting pretty hungry.  We really wanted to eat here:
because apparently they have the best fish and chips ever (Probably the equivalence of Splash Cafe for all of my Bakersfield friends).  But they were super crowded and we decided that maybe we would attempt to go there on our next trip to Tynemouth.  Instead, we ate at The Priory which was also really good and had a great atmosphere and  some awesome British decor.  They even let dogs go inside too!

British Pride?! There was a matching couch, but people were sitting in it and I thought they might think it was weird if I took their picture.

We then headed toward the coastline.  It was a cloudy day, but the coast was a welcome sight.  The priory sits right at the edge of the coast and it was gorgeous.  I plan to go back with Josh and pay to go inside and take a closer look.
Tynemouth Priory

Tammy, Julie, Me, Alta, Krew in front of the priory

Tynemouth Coast

Priory Ruins

 Eventually, it was time to head back to Newcastle.  But I think everyone that went can agree that this was a super fun day and that we all plan to come back to Tynemouth at some point.  Hopefully, we can bring our hubbys with us next time. :)

Right before we got on the metro heading back to Newcastle.


  1. You are such a good girl for not buying those awesome items in the top two photos! And, the pink chair!!! I would've bought all 3!! And, the pink bus!
    Thanks so much for taking the pictures and then taking the time to journal and post the pictures! I"m sure we all feel like we are right there with you!
    Glad you are taking it all in!!!!
    Hi and love to you and Josh!!

  2. wow that looks like heaven to me..... That pink chair was to die for!
    Cat @ budgetblonde