Feb 2, 2016

Rory Lou: 5 Months Old

Apparently I need to up my blogging game since I haven't done a blog post since Rory's 4 month update.  I suppose it's even more evidence that time is just flying by with this little sister and I can't seem to keep up!

Rory continues to be an overall easy going baby.  Her sleeping has still been somewhat of a struggle but she also had her first cold/stuffy nose which hasn't helped anything.  We introduced a "lovey" to Roars this month and she has taken to the little pink bunny blankie really well.  She typically falls asleep with it on or near her face which is pretty adorable though I usually go move it after she's asleep.  She tends to take 2 or 3 naps per day for a total of 3-4 hours.  Most days, she goes down without much of a fuss.

She has perfected the art of rolling both ways this month and also has become quite the "backward" crawler.  I regularly do not find her in the same place that I put her and have to laugh when she is halfway under the couch or the coffee table.  She wants to crawl after big sister Ry so bad but can't seem to figure it out just yet!  We also brought out the jumper and the walker this month and she thoroughly enjoys both.  I just have to watch out because Ryan has a tendency to play bumper cars with her around the house in the walker.

Rory started taking baths in the big bathtub with Ryan this month and I don't know who loves it more, her, Ry, or me! Haha because now I can bathe both girls at the same time which cuts down on the night time routine.  Rory is still breastfeeding and I am in no hurry to introduce solids as I remember it being a ton of work and a big huge mess with Ryan.  She typically nurses five times during the day plus her night feeds.  She is now taking a HUGE 9oz bottle before bed, so you'd think she'd be sleeping all night!?!?!

Roar and Ry are starting to develop a seriously adorable sister bond.  It's crazy how early it really does start but I can already see the love these two have for each other.  Rory is very vocal when Ryan is around and it is one of my favorite things to watch the two interact with each other.  Ryan wants her to play with her so badly and I keep reminding her that it won't be long before Rory can really play!

Words really cannot express how much I love my Rory girl.  She just brings me so much joy every single day and it's impossible to put into a post how thankful I am that God entrusted me to be her Mama.  You are so so loved my little 5 month old!

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