Feb 20, 2016


The past couple of weeks have passed so quickly and it's not that we've been out and about doing a bunch of stuff.  We've actually been at home more days than our usual due to a number of snow storms, but somehow we have remained busy despite our hermit ways.

I don't necessarily mind the snow.  It's so very pretty to watch from the inside and Ryan really enjoys playing in it.  But it takes about 6 hours to get the kids and myself dressed to go outside in it and then the enjoyment of playing in it only lasts about 6 minutes before someone is cold, or hungry, or has poop in their pants.  But, Ryan loved trying to catch snowflakes in her mouth and was pretty entertained by the fact that the snow was practically waist deep.  She obviously doesn't remember the 3ft blizzard that she was witness to last year.

However, you wouldn't have guessed we would be dealing with this kind of snow last week when we had a warm enough day that we were able to make a trip to the park!  Ry has now been asking to go daily and I have to keep telling her that it's too cold!

We moved Rory into her own room about a month ago.  She is now the only one downstairs which was a tad nerve-wracking at first but she seems to sleep really well in her crib.  Because of this, Ryan regularly ends up hanging out in our bed in the morning so we can avoid waking Rory up before she's ready.  Ultimately, when she does wake up, Ryan asks that Rory be brought into bed as well to which I happily agree to.  Anything for a little bit more lounging time.

These sister girls are becoming such good friends.  Ryan regularly says "I love Rory, I love my sister."  Which is basically the sweetest thing ever.  Then of course five seconds later she's pulling the toy away from her and saying "That's MINE!"  With toddlers, you win some you lose some.

We are preppin' to head home to California for the week and are so looking forward to time with all of our family and some warmer weather.  I'm just praying the flight with two babies goes somewhat smoothly!

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