Aug 8, 2013

Ryan: Week 3

During Ryan's third week, we really started to fall into a routine of eating, sleeping, and pooping.  Rinse. Repeat.

Her umbilical cord FINALLY fell off this week.  It took just over two weeks.  I was actually a little sad because I felt like it meant that she was no longer a newborn! 

The highlight of the week was Grandma Lala coming to visit from Bakersfield.  Twice!  She just can't get enough of her first grand-daughter. And I mean, can you really blame her?

Lala helped Ryan get her first real bath since her cord had come off.  And can I just say that this child absolutely loves baths! She goes into a trance as the warm water rushes over her. They have become part of our nightly routine now.

She definitely resembles her Mama.
We did some shopping with Lala and so of course Ryan had some outfits added to her ever-expanding closet.  Lala even insisted that we put one of her new outfits on in the store!  Lala was a huge help with Ryan, especially at night.  She says she "prefers fussy babies."  Lala you can come visit us anytime!

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