Aug 12, 2013

Ryan's First Vacay

Some people would say that taking a 1 month old on her first vacation is a little crazy.  I mean aren't Moms and their newborns supposed to be cooped up in their homes for months after they are born?  Well, then I guess I've gone a little nutty cause we went home to Bakersfield for a week AND took a trip to the coast.   And as if that's not wild enough for you, I did it by myself!  So I guess you'd better check me into a mental institution. :)
1 Month Old: August 3, 2013
Since Josh has been so busy studying for his Step II, I decided to take the opportunity to go to Pismo Beach with his family.  Having family to help out with Ryan is ALWAYS wonderful, but I was definitely nervous about driving the 3 hours home to Bakersfield, alone, with a one month old.  But, I shouldn't have been scared.  My angel baby slept the entire way home.  She really makes things a little too easy.  I'm guessing my next child is going to be quite the handful to make up for how easy Ryan is.

We spent the first couple of days at my parent's home so that I could get my hair done (amazing) and go to a dentist appointment (not nearly as amazing).  And Ryan got to meet lots more of her family including her Great Grandma Gerrie and her Great Grandma Scurlock!
Great Grandma Scurlock
She also got to meet Papa B!

And of course, she spent a little time with Grandpa Fairman too.

After three days at home in Bakersfield, we headed to the coast with Josh's family.  Ryan got to meet her three boy cousins, Jacob, Cole, and Caleb.  Jake was especially smitten with "Baby Ryan."  He was very concerned with which blanket she used, whether her pacifier was in or out, and why she doesn't have any teeth.  Three year olds are too funny. :)  He couldn't get enough of her!

She also got to meet her youngest Uncle!  Uncle Andrew wasn't quite as enamored with her as cousin Jake, but for a 13 year old boy, he was great with her.
Ryan enjoyed her first of what will most likely be many many trips to Pismo Beach.  And I successfully (with the help of Auntie Kristin) nursed in public.  On the beach.  In the sand. Winning!

All bundled up for the drive home from the beach.
We had a great trip but it was nice to come back to Redlands after a week away.  Needless to say, Daddy was very happy to see Ryan and vice versa. 

They had to catch up on a weeks worth of snuggles.
So, we survived our first vacation with a baby.  Hopefully, Josh can join us on the next one! 


  1. I am so so glad you guys came! Such great memories.

  2. Hey, how about a trip this weekend to the mountains for Vacay Number 2! You could double the number of hours in the car and, just for the heck of it, throw in a wedding! You are woman. Hear you roar!

    Love you,