Aug 11, 2013


With all the excitement and changes in our life regarding Ryan's arrival, I've kind of slacked on mentioning that other big thing in our world. Medical school.  It's kind of taken a back seat in my mind, but definitely not in Josh's. 

He hit a huge milestone this past week.  He finished his final rotation of third year and he is officially a fourth year medical student.  Did you read that!?! Fourth Year. As in 3/4 of the way through medical school.  Like only ONE year left!  And really, it's less than one year since he will finish his fourth year rotations in April 2014.  People said it would all fly by and they were right. It amazes me that we are quickly closing in on the end of this medical school thing.  Of course then we get to start that thing called residency which is longer and as some would say, more challenging.  But we'll focus on that when we get there. :)
Josh is currently on a 3 week "break" from rotations.  He is studying to take the Step II CK (Clinical Knowledge) portion of his board exams.  His days are very reminiscent of his Step I study days last summer.  He took the CS (Clinical Skills) test in mid July.  Once he finishes the exam, he'll start his fourth year electives.  He's also preparing his applications for residency which he will submit in September.  We THINK he's going to apply for General Surgery.

Well he's "ALMOST" one.  Close enough!
Daddy's girls. We're so proud of him.
So basically, there's a lot going on in the Scurlock household and as always, change is our only constant.  We are getting pretty used to that at this point.  And while there are still some hurdles to climb (passing the CK, finishing residency applications, going to interviews, matching) we are celebrating the here and now.  We are fourth years baby!

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  1. WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you all.
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