Jul 28, 2013

Ryan: Week 2

Week two with our girl brought about some big changes.  Probably the biggest one was that Grammy Fairman went home to Bakersfield and Josh started back to work/school full time. Cue scary music now!  I was pretty nervous about life without my Mom.  I'm quickly starting to learn that Motherhood in general is pretty scary.  So many things that can go wrong!  Keeping a human alive is kind of a big deal.

Ryan also had her first major outing to Santa Clarita for Julie's baby shower.  Grammy Fairman was still in town and so she was able to accompany us.  I was nervous about how she would do during the 1.5 hour car ride but she slept the whole way.  I also had to feed her for the first time in "public" and so I was slightly nervous about that too, but luckily, with Mom's help, it all went fine.  Outings that go well sure help to build my confidence about taking her out on my own.
All dressed up for the party!

Can't wait for Baby Girl Connolly.  Three weeks and counting!

One year ago none of us had babies...crazy!
Of course most of the time, Ryan and I spend our days at home.  She eats about 8 times a day with 2-3 hours between feedings.  And she sleeps pretty well at night averaging 3-4 hours.  Yay for Mommy!  During her awake hours, we have tummy time, singing time, bath time, and cuddle time.  Oh, and photoshoot time.  She is SUCH a good baby.


Ryan Cathleen also got to meet her Great Gramma Catie (Cathleen) this week.  Great Gramma is the matriarch on the Griffin side of the family and the oldest of the four generations of women who have Cathleen in their name (Great Gramma Cathleen, Grammy Cathleen, Mommy Stephanie Cathleen, and Ryan Cathleen).

Great Gramma and Ryan

Four Generations
She also had her two week appointment and my has she grown!  Mommy's milk is apparently not in short supply because this little girl is growing like a weed and the pediatrician was thrilled!

Two week Stats:

Weight: 8lbs 12oz  (up from 7lbs 15oz at birth)
Length: 20.5 inches (up from 19inches at birth)
Little Chunky Monkey

We also found out Daddy has a preference for big headbands this week!

Naps with Dad are the best.
I can't believe how fast she is growing and how quickly we are starting to see a little personality in this tiny girl.  We love her to the moon and back and thank God every day that she is ours.

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