Jul 13, 2012

Musical Chairs...

...Step I Style.

Josh's big test is quickly approaching.  Wednesday is T-Day and I don't think either of us could be any more ready for it to be over.  He feels ready and truly wishes that he would have scheduled it sooner.  At least in Josh's case, 9 weeks of studying was really too much. 

I can't wait for him to be done so that we can actually spend some quality time together.

He's been confined to the house for a little over two months and so I've been forced to find other means of entertainment.  Lately, I've found it funny to snap pictures of him in his many many study locations around the house.

And so I present, the Step I Study Spots of Joshua Scurlock.
At the Desk.

In the Bed.

At the Dining Table.

At the Kitchen Table.

On the Family Room Couch.

On the Living Room Couch.
The poor guy.  He's spent two months in one of these six places.  If you think about it, say some prayers for Josh this week as does his last minute preparations for the test.  And think some happy thoughts for him on Wednesday as he takes his 8 HOUR exam!

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