Jan 15, 2012

Fish Friday Take 2

Last term, I took the boat up to Gouyave for Fish Friday.  You can read about that trip HERE.  But since Josh's week of classes was pretty light this week and he had never been to Fish Friday, we decided to go again.  Plus, Julie and Kevin had never been either.  We took the boat again because who really wants to drive at night on the windy, pot-holey roads of Grenada.  Not me!  Although after an hour long boat ride, my motion-sick-prone husband might prefer to drive next time.  He says he's never getting on a boat again.  Poor guy.

The boys on the boat
Me and Juju on the boat
We made it up to Fish Friday with only a little rain on our trip up the island and no vomiting episodes.  Thanks goodness!  Once there, Josh was glad that we went.  He had his fill of lobster and shrimp kabobs, fish cakes and coconut shrimp.  He was a happy boy.

We all definitely had our fill of fish.  It was such a great time and I'm so glad that Josh finally got to experience Fish Friday.  Perhaps 5th term will give him a little more time off to do some other fun islandy things, but I doubt it.
With our good friends Kevin and Julie.

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