May 14, 2011

Julie's Birthday

Yesterday was my BFF Julie's 25th Birthday.  And since both Kevin and Josh had finals yesterday, I decided that we needed to make sure we had a fun girl's day in honor of her birthday.  With significant others in medical school, your girlfriend's really have to step up because we all know that the boys have no time to deal with it!

We started out the day with a trip to Eldon Square for a mani/pedi.  It's the only manicure I've gotten in Newcastle and oh how I have missed it!  We had fun chatting with the women who were doing our nails, especially since they were absolutely in love with our American accents.  They wanted to know how many movie stars we've seen since we both live in Southern California.  Haha. 

Next we did a little shopping around the mall and then headed to TGI Fridays for a birthday lunch.  We've both put ourselves on a fairly strict diet since we are going to be in a bikini in Spain next weekend, but yesterday, we indulged ourselves in all things carbs, calories, and fat.  Let's just say I didn't step on the scale this morning because I don't want to know what the damage is and I'm glad I went on a 3.5 mile run yesterday morning.
A birthday martini and margarita

Birthday Brownie. Yum!
After lunch, we both headed back to our flats where I proceeded to spend at least an hour or more on the couch consoling my stomach that was hating me for stuffing it full of sugar and grease.  But after Josh and Kevin got home from their tests (Kevin's done with finals and we are SO jealous!),  as if we hadn't been bad enough with our diets for one day, we headed over to the Chinese takeaway place down the street.  I didn't order anything but a Diet Coke.  I couldn't even think about food, but Josh was in heaven since we haven't had it this whole term.  We took it back to Julie and Kevin's where we they ate and the boys chatted about their tests.

Then it was cake time! Because we all know that birthdays are not complete without a birthday cake and candles. 
The birthday girl made a wish and blew out her birthday candles.
And then we all ate lots of cake.

Julie and Kevin
It was a great day and I hope that the birthday girl had a fabulous UK birthday.  The real celebration begins next weekend when all four of us head to Ibiza, Spain for some fun in the sun.  So Happy Birthday to my friend Julie.  I hope it was extra special.

Josh has one more final on Monday and we are so ready for term 2 to be over.  I'll let you all know how it goes next week!

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  1. Steph, Thank you for helping Julie celebrate her 25 birthday! You are just the sweetest girl ever :) I am so glad you girls had each other this term and became the best of friends. Enjoy your summer with your handsome husband. I look forward to reading about your adventures.
    Phyllis (Julie's mom)