May 14, 2011

Finals Frenzy

Even though there are about a million other things I could/should be doing right now...packing crate stuff, cleaning the flat, packing our 6 suitcases bound for CA...  Instead, today I slept in late, went to lunch with the hubby, read an entire book cover to cover (if you haven't read any of the Sookie Stackhouse series, you should, it's amazing.  Book #11 just came out last week), and have now decided that posting on my blog was a necessity.  But it is..isn't it?  I can be the Queen of procrastinating if I really set my mind to it.

We are in the midst of what I am now calling THE FINALS FRENZY!  Josh has been studying away in his mancave all week and we still aren't done with them yet.  Boo. :(  He has a test tomorrow and the last one, Neurology (the hardest one in his opinion) on Monday.  So we he has to endure ANOTHER weekend of torture.   Which just really stinks because all of our term 1 friends are done tomorrow.  Sad day.  On top of that, Josh has this theory that he can't shave his face until after his tests are done.  He started it last term.  I am a fan of a little scruff...but he takes it to a whole new level during finals and midterms.  I think he's very handsome no matter what, but I'm ready for at least a trim.
 Last night, he and our Term 2 friends were able to take a much needed time out from studying to go to our favorite restaurant in Newcastle, Franchesca's after their Immunology final.  From what I'm told, the "Immuno" final was a bit of a it was a necessary break.  I would say that since we are leaving here so soon, that that should have been our last Franchesca's trip, but my guess is we will end up there one last time before we go.  What can I say, when you find a good place to eat in the UK, you stick with it.

Disclaimer:  I know I look a bit tan in these pictures.  I admit...I have been tanning.   But I have to say that I am not as tan as I look.  These people I'm with (sorry guys) are just REALLY white!  If I were in Grenada or Bakersfield, I would look perfectly normal.  Don't judge me, we're going to an island off the coast of Spain next week.  I would have FRIED if I went there as pasty white as I was!

Love this little boy
Love this big boy
Pray that Josh gets through these last couple of tests of medical school year number one successfully and that we both make it through this finals frenzy.

Now that I'm done with this post, I guess I should get back to the other important things that need my attention.  Or maybe...I'll just ignore it and go read another book!

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