May 6, 2011


That is really the only word to describe the Scurlock household right now.  Both Josh and I are in a total state of that even a word??  Well, it should be.

We've got so much going on in the next couple of weeks that I am having a difficult time even wrapping my head around it.  I am in the midst of packing up our household for our big move on May 25th back to the United States.  It might not sound like much, but I've some how managed to acquire quite a bit of stuff over the last 9 months.  On top of that, before we leave Europe completely, Josh and I are going on a last minute European vacation after his finals end.  We head to Rome the 19th-21st and Ibiza, Spain the 21st-24th.  We are both super excited for our vacation, but it does add a bit of stress to my life. I have to make sure not to pack the stuff that we will need for those travels yet.  Not to mention we arrive back to Newcastle at 10:00p.m. on May 24th and leave at 6:15a.m. the next morning for Los Angeles.  Everything's got to be ready to go before we leave for Italy.

SGU provided a huge help to students by setting up a boat that all students were allowed to buy space on to ship items from Newcastle to Grenada.  We are so thankful for this since we had to buy a lot of things for our flat here and would have been very sad to leave it all and have to re-buy (at a more expensive price) items we already had once we get to the island.  Josh and I purchased three spaces.  The items for the crate have to be delivered to the school on the last day of finals (which mean we will be in the UK for a week without dishes, pots, pans, etc).  That should be interesting. So I have been busy trying to pack boxes with items wrapped in bubble wrap and newspaper hoping that they make it safely across the water.  I have boxes, bubble wrap, scissors, tape, and newspaper all over my apartment. Not to mention that all the color has come down off the walls and made it's way into cardboard boxes.  It's a bit depressing to say the least.

Look at my apartment.

Boxes, Bins, and Labels Oh My!

Then of course there is closing bank accounts, canceling internet, water, and electric services, getting our deposit back, cleaning up the flat,and of course for Josh, that tiny little part about getting through his finals!  The schedule for term 2 finals is a bit daunting.  He actually started finals this past Wednesday.  He has one today, three next week, and his last final on Monday, May 16th.  If you are keeping up, that's 6 total! Phew! I'm tired just thinking about it.

So,while I am busy wrapping, taping, cutting, and boxing up our life in Newcastle (and making a huge mess while I'm at it), Josh is studying hard with books and notecards strewn about the apartment.  The place is a mess, and if you know me at all, you know that that's NOT how I like it. 
Josh has many study spots during finals.
I suppose there's nothing to do but let the chaos continue until we leave.  No point in fighting it this week.  Oh well!  Let's just pray everything gets done on time.  So here's to the chaos...keep it coming!


  1. Our flat is definitely the same!!

  2. sounds a bit similar to our scramble at the end--have so much fun in Italy and Spain!

  3. I ran into your blog randomly.. and I have to say - I love your boxes, and I love your blog! See you on Monday for loading! :)