Feb 27, 2017

East to West

We've been back in Massachusetts for a little over a week and I feel like we are finally starting to come out of our vacation coma.  My Mom used to tell us when we were kids that she always felt like she needed a vacation after vacation and I never really got it, until ya know, I became a Mom and realized that there is a TON of behind the scenes work that goes on to make sure everything runs smoothly during travel and while we are there, etc.  And it's not that we didn't have fun, we all had a blast, but it's definitely nice (and necessary) to get back to our normal routine.  Everyone is finally adjusted back to our normal East coast timezone and I finished unpacking the last suitcase...today.  But anyway, back to our big trip.

One of the most stressful parts of traveling is just that, traveling.  I make tons of lists while I'm prepping to travel.  I buy special snacks, make sure the iPads are fully charged and loaded with new games and movies (do yourself a favor and grab a set of kids headphones), pick up some fun small toys for the trip and pray that we will make it on the 6 hour flight with no major meltdowns.   And either my planning is just superb, or I have kids that just travel pretty well because thus far, they've both done amazing on all the flights we've been on.  Window clings from Target tend to be a great thing on the plane.  I snagged this game which I remember from my own childhood and the girls thought it was hilarious and I also bought this reusable sticker book which Ryan literally spent a solid 45 minutes playing with.

Josh and I are so lucky.  We are from the same home town and all of our family and many of our extended family members are located in the same city.  We are so blessed that we can so easily see so many people that mean so much to us and allow our girls to build relationships with not just their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins but their great grandparents too.  Much of the our time in Bakersfield was spent seeing family every day and we wouldn't want it any other way.
Scurlock Siblings
Scurlock cousins
Grandma Lala and Great Grandma GG
Auntie Rach and Ry

Great Grandma Louise and Rory Louise 
Papa B and Ryan
Auntie Rachel,  Grammy, Auntie Tenna and Roars
Great Gramma Catie (Cathleen) and Ryan Cathleen, and Rory
Fairman Cousins
Grampy, Grammy and their three granddaughters, Adalie, Ryan, and Rory
Uncle Brandon
Grammy Cathy (Cathleen) and Ryan Cathleen 
I mean really, aren't we so blessed!?!?  No matter how many times we see each person while we are home, it never really feels like enough.  It is hands down the hardest part of living all the way on opposite side of the country, but I like to think that we make the most of the time we have when we have it.


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