Feb 23, 2017

First Trip To Disney

We spent the last couple of weeks visiting all of our family and friends in California (more on that in future posts), but while we were there, we made a point to make our first trip to Disneyland since having children.  Disneyland is only a couple hour drive from our parents hometown and so we decided that a day trip was likely all the kids we could handle.  It ended up being quite the group of us traveling down to Anaheim for the day with 15 people.  It was, of course, crazy but fun but also nuts, basically everything you would expect a day at Disney with toddlers to be.

The day went a lot like this, there was whining because we had to wait in lines, pure joy during rides and while seeing characters, followed quickly by meltdowns when the kids realized the rides were done and we couldn't just get right back on Dumbo.  There was a major shortage in naps and an extreme excess in sugar.  But even with all of that, it was so worth it.  Ryan, at 3.5 years, was the perfect age to absolutely take in all the wonder and amazement that is Disneyland.  I almost cried a handful of times while watching her light up with nervous excitement in front of the princesses and dance and sing along in awe during the It's a Small World ride.  There is just nothing better than watching your child experience Disney magic.

One of the highlights for me and Ryan and my Mom was coming across Mary Poppins, Bert and the penguin in their It's a Jolly Holiday attire.  Ryan, Rory, and our nephew Austin were those three for Halloween in costumes all handmade by my Mom and it was so fun for Ryan to see them decked out in the same outfits they wore in October.  And it also just reaffirmed to me that my Mom is an INSANELY talented seamstress.

Even though Rory wasn't really old enough to understand what Disneyland is, she had a great time too.  She rode rides, ate cake pops, and stood in the background and watched as Ryan met many of the characters.  She especially enjoyed the Dumbo ride.  She's really come out of her shell in recent months and basically just wants to keep up with her big sis at all times of the day.

If I can ever convince Josh to go to Disney again in the future, my plans to make things run a little smoother would be to bring more snacks, download the Disney App in order to catch characters right as they are arriving, and bring things like bubbles to do in lines.  But in general, it was an amazing day and brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.
Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth, where dreams do come true, and where magic is found.

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