Jul 16, 2015

Ryan's Pink Flamingo Birthday Party

We celebrated Ryan's 2nd birthday last weekend with a pink flamingo bash.  Where I got the pink flamingo theme from?  I don't know.  I think I subconsciously realized that flamingos are really "in" right now because after deciding on the theme for her party, I noticed that flamingos are seriously EVERYWHERE.  They are like the new "owl" craze from a few years ago.
I had all of these ideas in my head from Pinterest and elsewhere and when I began the planning phase for this party 8+ weeks ago, all my DIY ideas seemed much more fun to do than they ended up being at 33 weeks pregnant.  Ha!  I seriously wore myself out planning for this party, but it turned out how I envisioned it.  It was pretty and fun and overall relaxing.  And as a bonus, my Mom has been here from California to help out and give me a break in the last weeks of my pregnancy so I had some party prep help.  Praise the Lord, I don't know if I could have accomplished it all without her help.
Morning party prep.

We set up the backyard for the kids with a couple of Walmart swimming pools and Ryan's new swing set.  I had put on the invitation that there would be "swimming, food, and fun" which I then had a serious laugh session about the night before imagining Josh's boss showing up to the party in his swim trunks ready for a dip in the "pool." Although I'd be totally lying if I didn't admit I've spent my fair share of time in it during this pregnancy.  My poor neighbors. The blow up/plastic pools and sprinkler ended up being an absolute hit with the kids though.  Such easy, cheap entertainment.  I guess that's one huge benefit of having a summer birthday.

We had tons of food and desserts and waaaay too much left over, but we also had such a great time and it was fun to have a few of our closest friends over to celebrate Ryan and see our new home.

Please don't mind my 34 week pregnant self.
I still can't believe we have a two year old, but I also can't believe we are going to have a newborn in six weeks either.  Time continues to march on! Happy 2nd Birthday to my Ryan Cathleen!


  1. So cute! It's so interesting to read back through your posts and then see where your life is now! I thought the post in which Josh was dong his OBGYN rotations while you were pregnant was so cute.

    My fiance is considering SGU's post bacc and med program. He just completed an interview that went well, and we are debating whether to move in . . . well . . . less than a month!

    I of course have many reservations. I would put my own work and education aspirations on hold, and I have some questions I woul really like to email you. I didn't see any email link for you and am wondering if there is a more direct way to contact you than through the comments section. Please let me know. Your blog has been a great learning resource.

    1. Thank you! You can email me at scscurly@gmail.com.

  2. What a lovely birthday party and little doll is looking damn pretty. We went for an art exhibition at one of the high profile Seattle venues few months back. Was amazed seeing the royal interior and crystal collection displayed was outstanding. Bought vintage art pieces for our living room. Also the guests were warmly attended the hosts.