Jul 3, 2015

A Letter To my TWO Year Old

Oh Ryan my love,

As I sit here in the early evening after having just put you to bed, I can't help but remember that it was just about this time two years ago that I "met" you for the first time.  You were so squishy and pink and though I fell in love with you the moment I saw you, I could never have imagined the way that my heart would swell with love for you over the last two years.

This past year you have learned to test your limits and mine.   The best way to describe you is still strong-willed but I guess you ARE your Mama's daughter. You are as adventuresome as any little boy yet as cuddly and lovable as every little girl.  You continue to have the most amazing conversations with your Dad and I, friends, strangers, toys, and yourself.  It is only when you are sleeping that you are really quiet.  I have no doubt that you will have an easy time making friends in the future, though I imagine that "Sissy" will be your best friend.  I can't wait to watch you become a Big Sister.

I have loved MOST every minute of these last two years with you Ry.  We do pretty much everything together and I know I will always treasure the two years that we had of just me and you.  You are my very best friend and when I'm having a rough day, (even if it's because of you!) I can usually count on you to cheer me up by doing something silly or giving me a kiss or a hug to turn the day around.

You love your Daddy so much and you look forward to him coming home every day.  He is gone at the hospital a lot, but I think even at 2, you already understand that he works hard for this family.  It is amazing to watch your face light up when you are with him and it warms my heart more than you will ever know.

I'm sure that this third year will bring with it new challenges and struggles for me as your Mama as we officially enter the "terrible twos", but Ryan please know that no matter how frustrated I may sometimes get with you, I love you so much more than I could ever express.  You make me so proud and you fill my heart with so much joy.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for granting me the gift of being your Mom.  There is no greater blessing in my life.

I love you Ryan Cathleen, to the moon and back.

Your Mommy

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