Jul 26, 2015

4th of July 2015

Okay, so this post is obviously way late, but we've had a lot going on around here.  Between 2nd  birthday parties, my mom's visit to MA, nursery designing and completion (mostly), transitioning Ryan out of the crib and into a bed, basement belongings covered in mold, car repairs to both cars, a month of nights for Josh, and about 37483 other things, Independence Day kind of got lost in the shuffle.

However, it did happen.  We did celebrate, kind of, and I have a few pictures to prove it.

The Girls

Like I mentioned, Josh has been on nights throughout the entire month of July.  His only night off during the week is Saturday night (which the 4th happened to fall on) but, he works Friday nights so he sleeps the majority of the day on Saturdays.  It was also rather overcast here in Massachusetts on the 4th so Ryan and I just did our normal day to day routine most of the day.  I did however venture out to the grocery store in red, white and blue attire for the necessities to make an Independence Day worthy meal complete with cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, watermelon, and homemade ice-cream.  It was kind of like being at Gramma Catie's backyard in California, sort of, okay not really.

But, we did have Bomb Pops, aka: "poccles" according to Ryan.  So obviously her July 4th was made.

I said "Show me your Poccle!"
I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday.  It's typically one of my favorites of the year and I'm hoping next year Josh will be a little less sleepy, I'll be a little less pregnant, and it will be a little more exciting!

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