Apr 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Holidays change a lot when you have kids.  They also change a lot when you have a husband who is a resident.  And they change a lot when you live in a new state far far away from all of your family and normal traditions.  That's not to say that Easter or holidays can't be enjoyable, but they definitely take on a new "look" then they used to.  And I'll be the first to admit that I have a difficult time dealing with the new look sometimes.

So, it's necessary to forge new traditions and become at peace with a new "normal."  The things that I do now will be Ryan's and her new sister's "norm" and I'm sure they will eventually be mine too.

On Good Friday, Ryan had her second dentist appointment.  Gasp, not necessarily a good Friday right?!?!  And before you start to worry, I'm not planning to make dentist appointments an annual Good Friday tradition.  Haha!  But we made it through the appointment with only tears and no passing out episodes!  Thank the Lord!  It was a warm 60+ degrees and though the sun wasn't out, I am definitely welcoming the cloudy weather if it means I can leave the house without gloves, a down jacket, and winter boots on.  Ryan rocked some adorable bunny ears and I actually think she really likes them because I have randomly found her playing at the house the last few days while wearing them.

Josh has been on nights for the majority of the past three weeks which is always rough on everyone.  We are surviving, but it means that he could only be minimally present in today's Easter festivities.  We started out the morning with a bottle in Mom and Dad's bed followed by an exciting Easter basket surprise in the family room.  Ryan went straight for the M&M's in one of the eggs and proceeded to stuff her cheeks full of them before I decided she'd had enough candy before breakfast. :)  A girl after Dad's own heart.

Step away from my candy Mom!
I filled her basket full of some candy, jelly sandals, egg chalk, some new hair clips, a book, and my favorite, a stuffed animal unicorn that I'm sure I'm more obsessed with than she is.  But she had a really fun time taking all of the goodies out of her basket and of course, eating her candy.

I stole an idea from Pinterest and made us some festive pancakes for breakfast which were a hit with everyone.
And then we headed off to church as a family of three four.  It's always nice when that can happen because it is rare these days due to Josh's hectic schedule.
Josh slept the rest of the day in preparation for working this evening and Ryan and I spent the rest of the day like we normally do, playing, watching cartoons, and making entirely too many messes that I have yet to clean up.   There wasn't a big Easter dinner and we were out of our Easter clothes by noon, but we still had a nice day and ultimately the day is about Jesus anyway and his death and resurrection on the cross.

I hope our family and friends near and far had an enjoyable holiday as well.  Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. The whole family was together today in spirit. Greatly missed you all in person, though.

    Love you bunches,