May 1, 2014

New Etsy Shop

So, after much debate, I've decided to take the plunge and open my own Etsy shop!  I've always enjoyed creating and crafting and have been told a number of different times that I should try selling some of my products, so Etsy it is!

The past few months, I've gotten really into sewing and quilting and so I've opened a shop called The Dandelion Lane that sells quilts, baby dresses, and hopefully much more.  I'm definitely excited and also a bit nervous about taking the plunge into the online business world, but I figure that as a stay-at-home Mama, it's always nice to make some extra money.  Plus, with Josh getting ready to start his residency in surgery, I'm giving myself something to do for the days weeks months years that I'm sure to be spending alone.

Check out my shop, The Dandelion Lane, HERE!

Also, my BFF Julie opened her own Etsy shop too! She's selling handmade baby headbands.  And we all know how much I love me some baby headbands.  Take a look at her shop, Ryleigh and Rue, HERE!


  1. Good luck!!! I love the little outfits - super cute. hope you will consider making some baby boy clothes

  2. Adorable! Kudos to you for opening up a new etsy shop and taking the plunge! The baby clothes are very chic and the prints are absolutely lovable. Your shop is a definite recommendation to my lady friends with babies-on-board and babies-on-hand. Haha! Good luck with the shop!

    Tom Coshow @ TeleDirect

  3. I agree. Starting a small business is always a practical move, because you’ll earn extra cash on doing the things you love the most. It’s a bit scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, everything will flow smoothly the way you wanted it to be.

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match

  4. Congrats to your new business venture! It’s definitely a good idea to put your hobbies and crafts to something profitable. Not only will it give you another product to sell, but it will also make you known for your crafts as well. Good luck!

    Dominic Terry @ Mobile Marketing Allies