May 14, 2014

Moving East

Have you ever had periods in your life that you want to speed up yet slow down simultaneously?

For instance, as a Mom, I feel like I am constantly anxious to get to the next "phase" of baby hood, always urging Ryan to do the next big thing, crawl, talk, eat, walk, etc.  I couldn't wait to have her sleep through the night, nurse a little less often, entertain herself a little bit more.  It's hard in the midst of the newborn stage to not wish for time to speed up, especially when you haven't had a shower in three days and the most solid meal you've had to date is half of a PB&J.  And yet, you want to keep them your little baby forever and you know you will miss the days when you can't just hold them in the crook of your arm.

Well that's how things are right now.  I want time to speed up and slow down.  We are moving to Massachusetts.  In fact, we moved out of our apartment in Redlands over the weekend and Ryan and I are currently shacking up at Grammy and Grampy Fairman's house.  As I type, my Dad and Josh are more than half way done with their cross-country trek via car.  Last I was told they are somewhere in Illinois.  Ryan and I fly East to meet Josh on Saturday.
Moving Day
Hitting the road!
I am ready for our things to arrive and to get settled in Worcester (apparently pronounced Wustah).  I'm anxious for the solo 5+ hour plane ride with a 10 month old to be over and of course ready to reunite with Josh and begin our new adventure in residency as East coasters.  It's hard for a type A person like me to be living in limbo land.

But, I also want time to slow down.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about living so far away from our friends and family.  Sure, we've lived in the UK and the Caribbean and so this should seem like nothing, but we didn't have Ryan then.  I haven't yet done the Mom thing in a place where I have little to no outside support.  And obviously, we are going to miss having our families in Ryan's life tremendously!

So, that's my dilemma, not totally ready to move forward and not necessarily wanting time to stand still.

In other exciting and noteworthy Scurlock family news, Josh received his diploma in the mail the other day.  Like he is for-realsies a doctor and we couldn't be more proud.  I probably should stop saying things like "for-realsies" now that I'm a doctor's wife. Oops!

And not to be one upped by my doctor husband, I've had a few Etsy sales since opening my shop The Dandelion Lane on May 1.  How exciting is that?!?!  If the doctor thing doesn't work out, at least we can count on my savvy business skills to keep us afloat, obviously. ;)

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