Jun 11, 2013

Full Term

It's official.

Ryan and I have now hit the 37 week mark which means she is full term!  Yikes. 

Doctors appointments are now weekly occurrences, and the doctor said he will not stop labor at this point which means things just got R.E.A.L.  Her head is down, which is fabulous and she feels as though she is quickly running out of room in my ever expanding belly.  My belly button is practically non-existent (seriously it's as flat as a pancake) and bending over has long become a thing of the past.

I'm feeling surprisingly good.  Sleeping is a challenge but overall I don't have too many complaints about pregnancy.  Maybe I'll be kicking myself for saying that in a week or so?  Who knows.  My weight gain is somewhere in the low to mid 20's and I have to say I'm pleased with that. If there is anything that's stressing me out besides uh... ya know... being responsible for someone's life.....oh, and the actual giving birth part, it's wondering if my body will EVER be the same.  I know, that sounds extremely vain, but unfortunately it's true.

My wedding ring is officially off.  Not because I can't put it on, but because I suddenly got worried about it getting stuck on my finger.   Josh can attest to a crazy pregnant moment moment of panic I had in the middle of the night a week or so ago where I frantically got out of bed at 3am and took my ring off for fear that if I didn't, it would have to be cut off.  Preggo Problems.

We finished birthing classes last week and if being educated on the proper ways to bathe, nurse, swaddle, and diaper a baby are the keys to being a great parent, then Josh and I have it in the bag.  Hands down.  If there's more to it than that, then please, just let us live in our ignorance for a little while longer. :)

We still have some things to check off the to-do list.  Like install the carseat, which looks rather challenging and pack a hospital bag.  I suppose I need to get on it.  But, the nursery is ready, the bedding and some of her clothes are washed, and thanks to our many friends and family, her closet is STOCKED full of baby gear. 

We are getting excited to meet this little girl.  Something tells me she will take her sweet time in making her appearance.  Call it a Momma's intuition or something.  And since I'm really hoping to avoid being induced, I guess I will let her take all the time she wants or at least all the time the doctor will allow!

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