Jun 10, 2013

Baby Shower #2

Over the weekend, Josh and I made the trip to Bakersfield one last time before Ryan arrives for a baby shower thrown by Auntie Kristin.  She put on a beautiful shower at her home and once again, I was reminded how blessed and loved we are.  After Saturday's shower, I am officially sure that she will be the best dressed baby in Redlands and that the addition of a second bedroom with a walk-in closet was absolutely necessary in order to hold all of her stuff.

The Hostess, Auntie Kristin
We got some AMAZING gifts including two gorgeous handmade quilts from my Cousin Courtney and Grandma Scurlock.  I can't believe the time and effort it must have taken to make each of these and they are just stunning.  Ryan is so lucky to have such special keepsakes from both sides of the family.
On my "thrown"

Sterling Silver Baby Flatware from Grammy Fairman

Measuring the belly!

Handmade quilt from Great Grandma Scurlock

Cousin Courtney and I

Handmade quilt from Cousin Court

The Wetterholm side

Great Grandma Scurlock

Grandma Denise
The Griffin/Fairman Side

Grammy Fairman and Auntie Anna

Great Gramma Catie
Cousin Court and Aunt Jenny

It was so strange to leave Bakersfield and all of our family and think that the next time Josh and I see all of them, we will have a baby!  This pregnancy really has gone so quickly and I can't believe that our family of two is only weeks away from being a family of three.  After this weekend, I am finally starting to feel prepared, at least with the "things" and I'm mentally getting closer to being ready as well. 

Thanks again to all of the family and friends who attended both of my wonderful showers.  I know I said it already, but I really do feel so blessed to have so many people supporting Josh and I was we prepare to enter parenthood.  We know we couldn't do it without all of you!

Mommy and Daddy to be!

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  1. I am absolutely amazed and in awe of you that you are still wearing heels! Also a teeny bit jealous ;)You look fantastic!