Jun 3, 2013

Baby Shower #1

Two posts in two days.  I think that's a record in blogging for me in 2013.  I really need to pick up the slack. 

This past weekend, Ryan and I were showered with gifts and love by many of my close friends.  Some of my best friends from high school, Liz and Alexa, along with Liz's mom Gwen hosted a baby shower for me in Long Beach.  I was so honored that almost all of my closest friends from high school, college, and married life were able to attend.  Many had to drive (through LA traffic) and one even flew in for the occasion.  Do I have amazing friends or what?  I can only hope that Ryan grows up with friends even remotely as special as mine.

The shower was perfect, complete with yummy food, funny games, and great conversation.  It was very relaxing and I was so glad I got to catch up with all my besties before my life is taken over by baby.
The fabulous hosts: Gwen, Alexa, and Lizzy

Auntie Anna and Grammy Fairman

College Roomies

The other preggers and medical student SO's both due in August.

BFF's since high school!
She has SO MANY clothes!

Diaper motor cycle made by Gwen
Custom piggy bank from Auntie Julie

Handmade dress/doll to match Ryan's nursery from Grammy Fairman
It was such a special day and I can't thank everyone enough that attended.  I am very much looking forward to this next weekend and my Bakersfield shower hosted by Auntie Kristin!

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  1. So much fun to be loved in this way... Congratulations again!