Apr 8, 2013

OBGYN & Nursery Projects

Josh started OBGYN last week and he's been up to his elbows with all things baby at the hospital.  He even helped to deliver his first two babies today.  In case you read my blog solely for the purpose of medical school knowledge, then I'll inform you that the OBGYN rotation is easier than say Internal Medicine and Surgery in terms of hours spent at the hospital, but harder than Pediatrics.  During clinic days, he sees patients on a normal 8-5 schedule but takes about 2 L&D call days a week.  Some are day call while others are overnight call.  His impression after week one, well, it definitely won't be his career of choice.  But I sure find it interesting to hear about his day!

Because of this, I've been more motivated to continue on with nursery projects.  At seven months pregnant tomorrow, I probably need to kick it into high gear if everything is going to be done before Baby Girl gets here.

27 weeks
Over the weekend, Mom and I refinished the dresser.  This project was MUCH easier than refinishing the changing table.  It could be because we already had the supplies necessary and the practice.  Or, it could be because we got smarter and used the electric sander instead of doing it by hand.  Oh if we had only known!  I forgot to take a before picture, but let me tell you, it looks nothing like it did before.
And in case you had forgotten what the matching changing table looked like.

I also got to work on a shelf that I had gotten from Michael's for about $12.00.
I pulled out the pegs, painted it, and added the cutest pink ceramic flower knobs from World Market.

 I LOVE how it turned out and it was so cheap and easy to do.  Most of the projects I have left to do are much smaller in comparison to the dresser and changing table.  Thank goodness.  Cause this girl's belly is starting to get in the way!


  1. You're really so cute, Stephanie! :) AND, your dresser and the shelf, and the changing table look amazing! I think you should be proud of doing things yourself, go you! :)

  2. I don't know if you are familiar with this "Liebster award," but, I nominate you. :) So.. If you want to answer the questions and "play along," then go ahead. :) I would like it! :)