Mar 29, 2013

The Sixth Month

While I'm now well on my way to being out of the sixth month and out of the second trimester....say what?!?  I still want to remember some of the major milestones during this pregnancy and how I felt about them. 

So the sixth month, how's it been?

Well, I feel like The Bump is here to stay.  I think by week 25 I could officially say I don't look pudgy I look pregnant.  The Bump is growing, it's round, it's extremely hard (how's it going to grow for 3 more months?!?!), and thankfully for now, I've been blessed with no stretchmarks.  She moves around all day throughout the day, but is especially active at night and early in the morning.  At this point, her movements aren't uncomfortable for me.  No jabs to the ribs just yet!  I can now see her move through the outside of my tummy sometimes and let me tell ya, that is pretty weird.  Josh finally got to feel her move too.

24 weeks

Just over 26 weeks
The doctor says  I continue to be healthy as a bird.  After my next appointment on Monday, I start going every two weeks. Things are getting R.E.A.L.  I just had my glucose tolerance test last week.  It definitely wasn't one of my favorite parts of pregnancy thus far, but I got through it.  It's not that I'm opposed to sugar in the morning (obsession with Nutella anyone?) but drinking warm, flat, extra syrupy, overly sweetened orange soda on an empty stomach at 8:30am really isn't my idea of a good time.

Speaking of food, I will pretty much not pass up the chance for an ice cold Dr. Pepper anytime I eat out.  Cereal, turkey sandwiches, and chicken salads seem to be my meals of choice.  And sweet treats are ALWAYS a good way to end the day.

I'm officially in maternity clothes about 100% of the time.  I can still wear many of my old shirts and sweats but feel much more comfortable (and attractive) in pants with a waistband, shirts with side ruching, and dresses with extra material in the ahem...bust area. :)

And I'm not the only one who's been benefitting from a new wardrobe!  Baby Girl Scurlock is already well on her way to having an entire closet full of clothes.
 It's just so very hard to resist buying one outfit here and one there.  Everything is SO MUCH CUTER when it's itty bitty AND when it's going to be worn by my itty bitty baby doll. :)  These are some of my favorites so far.  And for the record, I think Baby Gap was one of the greatest inventions of the world.

   And don't even get me started on baby headbands.  I die.

Have I mentioned yet that my bestest friend Julie is having a baby girl too?!?  Baby Girl Connolly is due in mid-August and the two of us are just having far to much fun shopping for clothes, nursery items, and all things baby girl.

What else?

I'm about 95% done registering for my baby shower.  And that may or may not have been my least favorite thing to do.  I don't know about other soon-to-be mamas out there, but I just felt ridiculously overwhelmed by it all.  Infant carseat, convertible carseat, travel system, jogger stroller, breast pumps, monitors, slow flow nipples, BPA safe....I mean seriously.  What does it all mean?!  Don't you just pick a couple of bottles, a carseat, and a stroller?   Ummmmm no.  I can assure you, you don't.  I don't even think I researched that much for my 10th grade research paper (sorry Mrs. Young).

The crib bedding has arrived and I'm in love and last night, Mom/Gramma Griffin ordered the crib!  Eeeeek! I can't wait to get it in.  There are still many projects to be done including refinishing the dresser, but things are coming together and I'm getting excited.


In other news, Josh finishes his six week pediatric rotation today which was, in a nutshell, a walk in the park compared to Internal Medicine and Surgery.  He begins six weeks of OBGYN on Monday.  I'm VERY interested to see how much he learns about delivering babies in the next month and a half.  I'm assuming he will be a pro by the time Baby Scurlock makes her debut in July.

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