Apr 26, 2013

"The Talk"

About a month ago, my friend Julie let me know that the show "The Talk" on CBS was doing an episode for first time expectant mother's set to tape in late April.  The stipulations were: #1 you had to be a first time Mom and #2 you had to be at least 7 months pregnant.  Well, check and check.  So we signed up online and I kind of forgot about it.  Pregnancy brain?  Maybe.

Fast forward to last week and we got the call that we had been confirmed for a ticket on the show.  So we showed up on the CBS set yesterday morning along with 250 extremely beautiful and EXTREMELY pregnant women.  Talk about a building FULL of hormones!  One woman was only two days away from her due date!

There was an hour or more of waiting in line and the taping itself took a couple of hours.  But it was SOOOOOOOO worth it.  Each and every mom-to-be in the audience received all kinds of gifts including a crib, infant car seat, pack n' play, stroller, high chair, video monitor, breast pump, diaper bag, 3 month supply of diapers and wipes and much much more! 

As the wife of a medical student living on student loans, I can definitely say that this show was a huge blessing.  And a tip for any friends thinking of getting pregnant soon, maybe plan your pregnancy around shows like this?  I'm not kidding....seriously.
The "takehome" loot

Gift certificates to redeem!

Had so much fun with Julie and Christina
What an amazing day it was!

And since I hit a milestone this week, here's a 30 week baby bump picture.  I can't believe there are less than 10 weeks left until we get to meet Baby Girl Scurlock! At least we are much closer to being ready for her after being on the show.

Feeling large!

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  1. WOW! That's seriously amazing how much stuff they gave out! A CRIB? dang. Hopefully it fits with the theme that you're going for and maybe that you haven't picked one out yet. :)