Aug 5, 2012

Where have we been?

Well,  between bachelorette parties in Vegas, weddings in Southern CA, Step I taking, Pismo beach vacays with the family, apartment hunting in Redlands, and packing to move, we've been a little bit busy.  And by a little, I really mean a lot!

Unfortunately, in the midst of real life, my blogging has fallen by the wayside.  For some reason, I just seem to have less time on my hands than when I lived on a 22 mile long island in the middle of the Caribbean.  Go figure.  But I haven't forgotten about my island...go Kirani James!!

So, let's catch you up on what's been going on this past month.

I traveled to Las Vegas with Julie for her bachelorette party in early July.  We had such a blast!

Team Bride!

The next week, we left for Camarillo so Josh could take his USMLE.  We also attended our friends Riley and Gabby's wedding in Malibu, CA.  We hadn't seen Josh's Whittier friends since our wedding two years ago!

Some of the Whittier Boys.

Whittier crew with Gabby and Riley!

Then we headed back to Camarillo for Julie and Kevin's rehearsal and wedding!
Julie and Kevin's Rehearsal

With the bride!
Photobooth fun with my love!
After a long weekend of wedding shenanigans, we headed back to Bakersfield where we quickly found out that we had been placed in Colton, CA for Josh's clinical rotations!  There wasn't much time to look for apartments because we were scheduled to head to Pismo Beach with some of Josh's family.

It was a wild five days with our three nephews and the rest of the fam.  But we had so much fun enjoying the sun, bike riding, boogie boarding, and eating our fill of Splash Cafe and frozen yogurt.
First trip to Splash of the trip.

View from our beach house porch.

Football with Cole.

Time for boogie boarding

And bike riding

The Whole Family!

Pelican on the pier.


Once back from our trip to the beach, we didn't waste any time before heading down to Redlands to look for a place to live.

And guess what?!? We found one. Yay!  We move next Saturday.

And we are so excited! I can't wait to use all of our wedding gifts that have been in storage for two years and be able to get in our own routine.  And! Possibly get a dog!!!

This next will be super busy as we prepare to move...again.  But we can't wait! Prayers that everything goes smoothly are always appreciated!!


  1. So many things to say about this post! Congrats on your location for clinicals!! I loooove Redlands. You have to go to the State Street Deli. B's mom works in an office right nearby and when we worked for her we would go eat there. Was your friends wedding at Serra Retreat? I went to Pepperdine and I'm jealous you got to be in Malibu. One of my favorite places in the world. Enjoy Redlands!!! :)