Jan 9, 2016

New Year's Eve

It's taken me a week and a half after the fact to get to this post.  Call it the post-Christmas blues or the  "I already haven't followed through with my resolutions" guilt, but I haven't been overly motivated to do much the last few days.  Likely, it's due to a combination of Josh being on nights, Rory not sleeping well, Ryan having an ear infection (again), and me being tired (okay that's nothing new).  2016 is already starting out on such a high note!

Despite all of that, we did have a very enjoyable New Year's Eve.  It had snowed during the week and since Josh was on vacation, he and Ryan took full advantage of the fresh snow and made use of Ryan's new sled.  Rory and I even made it outside for a bit of winter fun and of course, numerous selfies.

Despite the fact that the snow poses all sorts of inconveniences for us adults, it's quite possible that my children will dearly miss the winter wonderland weather someday if we don't live in a place where it regularly snows.  Well, at least Ryan will.  Rory's face in most of these pictures shows that the jury is still out for her.

Josh and I also made it out on New Year's Eve to our friends Amy and Geordie's home for a party.  We even stayed out until 1AM, which is at least 4 hours past this Mama's bedtime.  We are getting old and as if that wasn't already obvious enough to us, as we were leaving the house and giving instructions to the babysitter, Josh put the TV on "Titanic" and said to her "Here this is probably up your alley" to which she replied "I've actually never seen it, it was made the year I was born."  Seriously, wasn't it JUST Y2K?!?!?!  Apparently not.
I'm pretty sure I drank an entire bottle of champagne on my own, we'll thank Amy's "Bubbly Bar" for that one, but it was so worth it for a fun adult evening.  Unfortunately, the ONLY picture I got of Josh and I was this one.  But I'm convinced that means that a good time was had by all. :) 

This past year was a good one, 2015 will always be remembered with fondness as it was the year that  Josh Matched into a permanent residency position as well as the year that brought us Rory Lou and made us a family of four.  It will hard to top, but I'm sure there is lots of fun in store for the Scurlock family in 2016.  Happy New Year!

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