Aug 27, 2015

What Is It Like To Be OVERDUE

It feels like you are going to be pregnant FOREVER.

It feels like your body is failing you.  Why won't you go into labor already?!?!

It feels like you have the absolute most stubborn child in the world.  Seriously, 40 weeks wasn't enough?

Every extra day, hour, minute that you are pregnant feels like an extra month.

It seems like every person you know is more anxious than you are for your baby to arrive, except there is NO WAY IN HELL anyone wants this baby to be born more than you do.

Every time you feel a twinge of tightening in your abdomen you wish with all your might that labor is beginning only to quickly realize it's just gas.

You cringe when people tell you "baby will come when they are ready" because you also know that baby may also have to come when the doctor is ready for you to be induced.

Your maternity clothes are starting to shrink not fit and you only mildly question how appropriate it is to leave the house with a peek-a-boo belly.

You begin to wonder how much damage this child is going to do to you when coming out now that they've had EXTRA time to grow bigger and bigger.

You do laundry on an every other day basis because God forbid you have to go to the hospital without your favorite tank or maxi dress being clean.

Speaking of things done every other've frequented the grocery store more times in the last three weeks than you care to count in order to make sure there is enough milk, strawberries, and fishy crackers for the people watching your two year old when you do actually go to the hospital.

The last thing you feel like doing when carrying 30 extra pounds is be on your feet yet you go and walk two miles daily trying to "walk the baby out" only to exhaust yourself more and produce no labor.

You know getting sleep is going to be awful with a newborn but you are living for the day when it doesn't take an army just to roll over or get out of bed.

You pee more times per day/night than seems physically possible.

You pray having held off stretch marks for the full 40 weeks that you aren't going to be so unlucky as to receive them in these last extra days.

You really really really just want to meet your baby.

39 weeks 4 days
Bags are packed baby girl.

**For the record I'm currently 40 weeks and 1 day.

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