Aug 21, 2015

Big Sis Transitions And Pig Tails

As my due date for baby girl #2 quickly slowly approaches, next Wednesday, August 26th, I've been attempting to get Ryan as ready for her transition to big sister as possible.  We talk about "Sissy" daily and when I ask her where Sissy is, she points to my increasingly ginormous belly.  But then again, she points to her own belly and says "Sissy?"  And, she points to Dad's belly and says "Sissy."  Ha!  So I'm thinking her two year old mind hasn't really grasped the concept completely.  And that's to be expected.  I mean after all, she is only 2 years old.   I've been trying to give her extra snuggle time lately while also trying to treat her like a big girl by having her climb into her own highchair, carseat, and not carry her around quite so much.  She's been really interested in taking care of her baby dolls lately and I'm hoping that's a good sign for us all.

I've certainly enjoyed these two years of just having her and I.  She probably won't really remember this time period of just the two of us and all of our adventures together, but I will.  And I will treasure them forever.  Someday I'll be able to show her all of the pictures of the days when it was just Ryan and Mommy.  We make a pretty fabulous twosome but I'm excited to add another little girl to the mix and outnumber Josh by even more in the female to male ratio in this house. :)

With the inevitable change from only child to big sister, I decided it was time to try out a "big sis" hair style.  Ryan hasn't necessarily been blessed with an abundance of hair during her first two years, but I thought we were about to the point where we could try out some pig tails and I was right.  She looks older but it makes my Mama heart melt to see her rocking those piggies!

Of course, I have to bribe her with fruit snacks every time I sit her down to do them.  So, I've stocked up with a Costco sized box of them because they are now a daily necessity....obviously.  Mom's gotta do what Mom's gotta do.

But seriously, could they be any more adorable?  I wonder if her little Sissy will come out with as much hair as Ryan currently has?  Guess we shall see soon!  Speaking of which, we could use some prayers and positive labor thoughts sent this way.  I'm WAY more anxious about this delivery than I was with Ryan's.  Maybe because I know what's coming now and before I was ignorant?  I don't know, but either way, keep the Scurlock family in your mind for the next few weeks as we get through labor, delivery, and the official Big Sister transition period, pig tails included.

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