Jun 11, 2015

Give Me A "Break"

It's been an extremely busy, exciting, exhausting, and depressing last few weeks in our life.  For starters, we moved into a rental home in Paxton, MA which is a small (population < 5,000) town just outside of Worcester.  The commute for Josh isn't bad, only about 15 minutes.  Small town life will take some getting used to as there is no actual grocery store in Paxton nor is there a gas station but we have a beautiful home on a quiet, family oriented street with a big yard, garage, basement storage and more bedrooms.  After almost five years of apartment living, this home feels heaven sent.  It's absolutely perfect for a young growing family.

While this move was super exciting and needed, moving in and of itself is something I am SO OVER DOING.  Josh and I have moved every single year for the last five years.  Some have been big moves to different countries while others have been smaller moves to different apartments but moving is moving and it stinks.  Add in pregnancy, a toddler, and a resident schedule and let's just call it downright miserable.  We somehow survived packing, moving out, and moving in with the help of a few extremely generous friends who donated their time and muscles to our somewhat pathetic cause.
Home Depot with a toddler (and Dad).  Cause we all know this is NOT how it would have gone down with just Momma.

And just when I thought I could finally breath a sigh of relief and begin the slow process of unpacking and "nesting," and getting acclimated to our new home and town, S**T hit the fan.  Because that's how life usually works doesn't it?
May 28, 2015 in a splint
Ryan stepped off the single step of our new backyard and had a small (and I mean small) tumble.  But her left leg was at just the right awkward angle to fracture both the tibia and fibula.  Apparently, fractures like this are relatively common in toddlers but that doesn't make it any easier on her or I.  She is to be in a cast and non-weight bearing for 5-6 weeks which is hard enough on any active almost 2 year old, but being 29 weeks pregnant and having to carry a 30lb child around is definitely not an easy task.

And obviously as her Mom, I feel AWFUL that this happened.  I know it was an accident and there was really nothing I could have done to prevent it, but no one wants their babies to get hurt and we all know seeing children this young in a cast is not the "norm."  She's been in her purple cast for almost two weeks now and I have to say that overall, she's taking this whole thing like a champ.  She's slept pretty well at night and has gotten used to dragging her leg around or scooting on her bum around the house.  She really hasn't tried to put weight on her leg and other than a few moments of frustration each day, she acts as if nothing is different or wrong.  She didn't even cry when they put the cast on.  She just kept saying "I get purpuh. I get purpuh."

The fact that this happened in the summer definitely stinks.  They have waterproof sleeves for the casts, but with her dragging her leg around, she easily rips holes in the plastic and so I hesitate to let her take an actual bath or fully submerge her in the blow up pool.  However, we've still been able to  have some water fun outside.

We've also been to the park where she can at least enjoy some time in the swing.  Even though I know all she wants to do is get down and climb around with all the other kids.

Ironically, she's not the only toddler who has had a long leg cast in this family.  I had one on my right leg as a child to correct a foot that was kinked in during utero.  Though my leg wasn't broken, it's not exactly the childhood milestone of mine that I wanted her to emulate.
Mama and Ryan
So, life is what it is.  I wasn't expecting or hoping to break in the new house with a broken leg, but that's what life's thrown at us this month.  I know we aren't the only family that faces challenges and in the scheme of things, this isn't a huge deal.  It's sure to be a distant memory here soon.


  1. Hi! I found your blog after searching toddler fractures. I'm sorry your little one had to go through that but she looks so cute in her purple cast! My daughter will have to be cast for the same fracture & it was a simple fall too! I'm curious how she healed & if you have any tips for me while she has her cast on and after the cast is removed? Thank you!!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reading. What a bummer! :( Casts on toddlers are the worst! But, Ryan has healed beautifully. She got the cast off after about 4 weeks and had a major limp for quite a while (maybe limped 3 weeks total) but the doctor said that was completely normal and expected. Now, a little over two months after getting the cast off, you would NEVER know she broke her leg. Runs, jumps, climbs stairs, etc with no issue. :)