May 23, 2015

Red Sox Game

On occasion, rare occasion, Josh and I get to have a date night out.   Residency doesn't leave much free time for dates and then having a child makes it even more difficult.   It requires timing up Josh having a day off, having a babysitter who is available, oh and having some money in the bank. :)

Anyway, ever since we moved to Massachusetts (a year ago this week!), I've been wanting to go to a Red Sox game.  Now, I'll admit, I don't particularly care about the baseball game itself, but the atmosphere at MLB games is always fun and experiencing Fenway Park is pretty necessary for any Massachusian.  Except, don't tell the Red Sox fans that I really didn't care that they had a rough game, I'd probably get beat up in the stands.  Those people take these games VERY seriously!

My Mother-In-Law, Denise, is in MA with a friend right now to run a half marathon and so she graciously gifted Josh and I with some tickets to Friday night's game.  I'm so glad we got to go.  Ryan did great with our sitter and we enjoyed a much needed night out.  We had "Fenway Franks," beers, and non-alcoholic drinks for me, the 26 week pregnant girl, and sang along to "Sweet Caroline" with the crowd.  I hope it won't be the last time we go to a game while we live in MA.  Next time I want to actually sit in the Green Monster!

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