Nov 2, 2014

Shake Your Tail Feathers

I hope everyone's Halloween was as fun and festive as ours was.  The weather here in Massachusetts was just perfect for Halloween, crisp and cool with a chill in the air.  Plus, my parents were still in town which made it all the more fun, especially since Josh had to work his last night of nights on Halloween so he was unable to partake in the Halloween events.  Always a bummer, but dare I say we are getting used to it?

I began thinking about what to dress Ryan up in for Halloween this year at the tail end of the summer.    Some would call that ridiculous, but I just say that I'm not a procrastinator, at least when it comes to outfitting my child in an adorable costume.  I scoured Pinterest and catalogs for the perfect costume.  I know I only have probably one, maybe two, more years that she will allow me to pick her costume so it had to be good.  Of all the adorable ideas I saw, my mind just kept going back to a peacock.  I know a peacock right?  Kind of random, but I found this amazing bustle peacock tutu from this Etsy Shop and I just had to run with it.  I also bought the headband from the same shop but the other pieces of Ry's costume all came from different places.  My vision of a purple, blue, and green peacock goddess came to life and I loved it!

Of course, photographing this little peahen proved to be extremely difficult.  She just wanted to strut around, so many of my pictures are action shots.  Oh well, tis life with a toddler.

We also went trick-or-treating at a shopping center near our house with a few of our other friends.  Many of the stores were participating so we got to walk in and out of them all and get candy.  It was actually perfect for Ryan because it was earlier in the day as opposed to night time and she had a blast.  She seemed a bit confused as to why all of the kids were dressed up in weird costumes.  I wondered why she didn't seem to mind hers and then I remembered, tutus and headbands are just par for the course in this household. :)  As for the getting candy part?  Well she totally figured that out after a couple of stores.  It was adorable.

Halloween 2014 was totally a success and I'm already looking forward to next year!


  1. $70 for the tutu and headband alone?! Damn, wish I was married to a doctor

  2. ^this comment is so ignorant! It makes me mad that people have such a COMMON MISCONCEPTION of what it means to be "married to a doctor," since medical school is insanely expensive. The expense that needs to be paid back once residency starts.. ugh.

    Being married to a doctor in training is basically like being married to someone who receives minimum wage, except during residency the minimum wage drops to less than someone would actually make earning minimum wage.

    Sorry to hijack this, but good grief this makes me so mad!

    Ryan looks adorable, Stephanie! You did great picking her costume and putting it together. I think it's quite funny that she didn't think much of her costume considering her daily outfits are just as adorable with lots of fluff! :)

  3. ^

    What Tammy said!

    I was just about to write a blog about the misconception people seem to have about being "married to a doctor." Some people honestly act as if we're all sleeping on a bed of cash each night.It's insane!

    Don't let mean anonymous jerks get you down. Ryan looked great!

  4. Thanks girls. :) I actually responded and then deleted my response deciding that it wasn't worth my time or energy being defensive. However, since I am now responding, to the anonymous responder above, just google search "average resident salary" and "average medical school debt" and you will quickly see that being married to a doctor is anything but glamorous.

  5. Where can I buy this outfit?