Nov 1, 2014

Hocus Pocus...

....and other Halloweenie type things.

My parents have been here in Massachusetts since Saturday and we have been going non-stop since they got here.  Although, I suggested they go off to explore Plymouth, MA on Wednesday on their own so that I could give Ryan a day off from sightseeing.  Poor girl has been such a trooper the past week.

Let's see, Saturday they arrived bright and early and we attended my churches Harvest Festival where Grammy won Ryan her first pet, a goldfish, lovingly named "Fish."  We'll see how long Mommy can keep Fish alive.

Sunday after church, we went to West End Creamery & Family Farm to pick pumpkins.  Josh was sleeping most of the day in preparation for his night of work so he was absent but the four of us had a good time rolling around in the "corn crib."  It's basically a sand box full of corn kernels and it was quite entertaining, though Ryan was a bit unsure about the whole thing.

Then we picked pumpkins!  One of my very favorite things to do.  I look forward to it every year and I hope hope hope Ryan will inherit my love for pumpkin picking, that's why you start em young!

Lift with your legs Ry!
We spent Monday in Salem, MA.  Our preparation for spending the day in Salem was watching the Halloween classic movie Hocus Pocus the night before.  And I would be lying if I didn't admit that one of the highlights of the day was seeing Town Hall in the middle of Derby Square where the parent's costume party took place at in the movie.
Salem Town Hall
I imagine that anytime you visit the city of Salem, it is a little strange because of all the witch craft vibes that surround the city.  But when you go to Salem during the week of Halloween, you are hitting prime time Salem weirdness.  I had been warned prior to going, so the fact that there were witches on the street and a possible Siamese twin sighting was not that surprising.  The city is in fact really cute and extremely historical and it was the most perfect Massachusetts fall day to go exploring.

We spent Tuesday in the Worcester area.  I took Mom and Dad to the rail trail where I run regularly with my girlfriends.  So many of the leaves have now fallen off the trees and it was probably one of the nicest fall days that we've had here so far.  All the fallen leaves made for Ryan's very own personal playground.

On Thursday, we went in to Boston for the day.  I really love this city.  We enjoyed the duck pond and gardens as well as walked the Freedom Trail (or most of it) and ate lunch at Cheers.  Overall, such a fun day with perfect weather which always makes things better.

Now I guess it's time to welcome the month of November.  And prepare myself for the beginning of winter, especially since it's supposed to snow tonight.  OMG.  Toto, I don't think we are in California anymore.

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