Jun 8, 2014

Ryan: 11 Months

I say it every single month, but what with moving out of our apartment in California and making the cross country move to Massachusetts this past month, Ryan's 11th month just sort of passed in a blur. I cannot believe that she will be a year in a few weeks.  I've heard the saying before that when you have children, the days are long but the years are short.  After having a child for almost a year, I can definitely say that that is so true.
Headband: RyleighandRue
How most of our photo shoots go these days.
Eating and Sleeping:
Nothing exciting to report here.  These are pretty much the same as they have been the past few months.  She sleeps good at night most of the time, naps twice a day for 30 min to 1.5 hours each nap, still nursing, and eating three meals a day.

Ryan is now cruising along furniture at quite a fast speed.  She also perfected the art of walking with her walker toys and it is so funny to watch her push her big pink jeep around the house and down the hallway.  She stands easily now and has even begun standing without holding on to anything.  She hasn't really taken any steps yet but I imagine it's coming soon.  Exciting!  And scary all at the same time.
Our matching Christmas TOMS from Daddy finally fit!


  • Bath time (especially with Dad)
  • Where's Spot?  book.  She loves to lift the flaps herself now which is completely adorable if you ask me.
  • Watching Mickey Mouse Club in the morning while snuggling, usually with Daddy.
  • Raspberries!  Oh my word this kid loves them!  I however, do not like the stains they tend to leave in her clothes.
  • Doggies
  • Playing with just about anything she's not supposed to, like Mom's make-up and Dad's computer.
  • Leaving the house.  She loves to go out and socialize with literally anyone and everyone.

Other Randoms Tid-Bits:
  • First plane ride all the way from CA to MA.
  • Became a Massachusetts resident.
  • Walked with a walker.
  • Standing on her own.
  • Kisses the phone when we FaceTime with anyone from California and now thinks she needs to kiss the phone all the time.  Cute and totally hilarious at the same time.
  • Babbles non-freaking stop!  I'm pretty sure she's telling us stories that only she understands.

Julie's birthday...we sure miss them.
Mother's Day 2014

Ryan Cathleen, you become more and more of a joy to your Dad and I every single day.  Though there are moments with you that are challenging, there are so many more that I just wish I could capture on film so that I will never forget them.  We can't wait to celebrate your first birthday next month.

And I'll leave you with these pictures because it's probably my favorite "outfit" to date that she's worn.

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