Jun 16, 2014

MD: Graduation Day

Well, we he did it!

This past weekend we actually closed the medical school chapter of our lives and Josh graduated from St. George's University with his degree of MD.  We can now officially call him Doctor.  He had previously been matched into a residency, finished his 4th year and received his diploma, but I think walking across the stage in a cap and gown while being called Dr. Joshua R. Scurlock really made it the most official.

I'm not going to lie, watching him be hooded by his father, Dr. Scurlock and receive his degree got me pretty teary eyed up in the balcony of Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center.  To say that I am proud of this major accomplishment would just be an understatement.  Of course I'm proud of him.

But, I'm more than proud.  I was witness to the entire journey.  I know first-hand the time and effort involved in Josh becoming a Doctor.  I was there for the days and nights of endless studying, for the stress of Biochemistry and Pathology midterms, for the intense 8 weeks of studying for the Step 1, for the 24+ hour call shifts, the time consuming residency applications, and the agony of not matching into a residency initially.  I know how much effort has been given this past four years.  I know how much money has been spent, how many loans have been taken out.

I know how much has been sacrificed.  We have missed weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, graduations, and babies being born.  In England we missed Summer, in Grenada we missed Winter.  We had to say goodbye to new friends family, almost every year when we moved to a new place.  We had to "start-over" in a new home more times than I care to count.

So,  I'm not just proud of Josh for his dedication to this profession, I'm honored to have been by his side throughout the journey.  And I'm proud of us.  Making it through medical school is tough.  Making it through medical school while keeping your marriage intact is even more difficult.  And making it through medical school while staying married and raising a child...well....honestly...we both probably deserve a medal.  A BIG ONE.

I hope Josh felt celebrated this weekend in New York City (more on NYC later) as we honored his very big achievement with many of his family members who flew out from California for the occasion.  He definitely earned it.

So, the school chapter of Josh's life is closed and although residency (which started today) will still require a lot of learning and studying, we are so excited to finally be moving in to the next chapter.  And receiving a pay check for all of his time spent in the hospital is of course, a huge plus!

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