May 4, 2016

Rory: 8 Months

Rory Lou turned 8 months a few days ago.  I feel like this month she has really turned into a kid.  She is so interactive with everyone and while she is still my baby, she really is hardly a baby anymore.  It is exciting and sad at the same time.  We've officially entered the period of monthly picture taking where it has become increasingly difficult to get her to sit still.  I have to be super quick with the camera in order to catch her not trying to squirm out of the view finder.

Rory is now Miss Mobility.  She pulls to stand on basically everything.  This includes all of our furniture, sliding glass doors, the bathtub, my legs, Ryan's legs, curtains, the list goes on.  She has started to cruise around the couch and can pick things up off the floor from standing.  She looses her balance and falls more times per day than I can count and lately I go to bed each night and say prayers of thanks that I was able to keep her from seriously injuring herself for another day.  I'm joking.  Kind of.  She is so quick now crawling wise and it seems that I can literally take my eyes off her for 5 seconds and she's made it all the way across the room to the electrical cords or Ryan's snack on the coffee table or basically anything that I'd rather her not get into.  I forgot how stressful this stage can be!  On top of that, she's following in Ryan's footsteps with lovely breath-holding spells that result in her passing out.  Both times this has happened have been after falling and crying so hard while holding her breath.  It's oh so fun for me but I guess at least I've already gone through it with Ryan.  I suppose there are worse things in life. Sigh.

She will not sit still in the bathtub.  She won't lie still for diaper changes and I've all but given up on using the changing table.   She is never in one spot for long.  Basically, unless she's asleep or eating, she is on the move.  On top of that, she's quiet and so she surely gets herself into mischief!

She's been eating three meals a day and prefers pears and bananas but also likes avocado, chicken, and actual green beans.  She also loves yogurt but I have to limit it for constipation purposes.  She is nursing/taking breast milk bottles five times a day and doesn't wake at night to eat anymore at all.  She also still naps very well taking two 1-2 hour naps daily.

She's perfected the art of blowing raspberries as well as making an "Ohhh" face.  She still isn't too much of a talker but when she does make noises it's usually squeals of delight or screeching.  She still loves her pink lovey bunny, always prefers Mama over anyone else, hates getting her face wiped, and isn't much of a snuggler unless she's tired.

She adores Ryan.  She wants to do everything Ryan does and unfortunately for her, sometimes Ryan doesn't want her to be involved in her games.  Rory regularly crawls to wherever Ry is in the house and tries to do what she's doing.  It's pretty cute and pathetic, especially when Ryan just gets up and moves elsewhere.  But for the most part, they are best buds and have a real sister bond already.

I truly can't believe that Rory is 2/3 of the way through her first year.  It's just flying by and she'll be one before I know it.  I'm trying to enjoy every last moment of her infancy because she really is such a great baby and Ryan, Josh, and I love her so very much.

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