Apr 17, 2014

Almond Orchard Family Pictures

Every year in Bakersfield between February and March, the almond orchards bloom and for the only time out of the year, Bakersfield gets "snow."  Which for the record, is fine by me, however I should probably come to terms with the stuff because I'm moving to Massachusetts in a month.  I am a lover of all things Bakersfield, things like Buck Owens, the Kern River, and warm weather are some of it's perks, but beautiful scenery doesn't really make the list.  However, when the almond orchards are in bloom, it's simply stunning.

I have ALWAYS wanted to take pictures out in the blooming orchards, but it just never seemed to time up right for things like engagement pictures, etc.  Plus, the orchards are quite the hot commodity for photographers in town and it can be hard to book a date to shoot in such a short time frame.  Josh was in NY for all of February, and the blooms came early this year due to Southern California's lack of winter so we almost missed them entirely.  By the time we got out there to shoot, most of the "snow" had fallen to the ground, but thanks to Misty Dameron Photography we were able to get some gorgeous family pictures that I will truly treasure forever.
Here are just some of my very favorites!

If you are in the Bakersfield area or even if you aren't and you are looking for a photographer, Misty is just amazing.  Great to work with, quick turn-around time, and an all around nice person. 

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