Mar 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day....Baby Style

There was once a time in my life where St. Paddy's Day included green beer and a late night of shenanigans.  Case in point, March 17, 2011, Newcastle, England.

Fast forward four years and March 17, 2014 was only lacking the beer, the late night out, and the only shenanigans that occurred were the green food coloring in our breakfast and a pinch or two because Josh wasn't wearing any green.  Tis the life of parents!  I did however get to dress Ryan up in the cutest St. Patrick's Day attire out there, which is significantly more fun then dressing myself up in green.  Josh, Ryan, and I enjoyed lunch at the local deli and an early evening walk around the neighborhood to cap off our day.

Maybe next year we can partake in some of the shenanigans of St. Patrick's Day past....or at least have a green beer or two!

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