Feb 17, 2013

Bring on the PINK!

After five million three tries, we FINALLY know what Baby Scurlock is!  It's a GIRL!  And we couldn't be more thrilled. 

She was just awfully shy those first two times at the doctor's office and then at the 20 week ultrasound so I had to resort to paying someone to tell me.  However, the first two tries Josh was unable to make it due to work, so I have a feeling she was just waiting around so her Daddy could be there when we found out.  I think she might be a Daddy's girl already.
Baby Girl Scurlock: 20 Weeks 4 Days
My intuition told me it was a girl from the beginning.  I just had a feeling and even let that carry over into buying a couple of things before we offically knew that were fairly girly.  Like this PINK shabby chic side table that was a super find at a local antique store for $35.00
And I fell in love with this Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag that I decided would have to do regardless of having a boy or girl, though I think it's definitely more girly.

Apparently I wasn't the only one whose intuition was correct.  My sister-in-law Brooke already had a gift for me just KNOWING it was a girl!

Baby Scurlock's first clothes!
At almost 21 weeks and over half-way through this pregnancy, I'm finally starting to have a bump, though I'm anxious to be past the "is she pregnant or pudgy" stage.  I broke out my first pair of maternity jeans this week but am still able to wear a couple of pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans too.  I'm up 3-5 lbs depending on the day and what I've eaten and started feeling Baby Girl's love pokes around 19 weeks.  I feel pretty darn good overall and really don't have much to complain about other than some mild insomnia.
20 weeks 3 days

20 weeks 5 days
Mom and I have been refinishing some furniture for baby's room including a buffet turned changing table and dresser.  I've never sanded so much in my life and it's a sure fire way to wear a pregnant girl out.  Stay tuned to see the finished product soon!

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  1. Yay for a little girl!! So excited for you and love all your little treasures you have for her already!!! Glad your feeling well too! xoxo