Jun 2, 2013

And Her Name Is...


We are still middle nameless, but baby girl's name has been Ryan for quite some time.  While I'm sure there are many opinions about using a traditionally boy name for a girl, let me just say that we love it and it just so happens to be her Daddy's middle name.  So it's special to us and if you aren't a fan, well, keep it to yourself please. :)

Once the name was finalized back in February when we first found out Ryan was a she, I got going on a DIY name project for her nursery.  All you need are some white wooden letters from Michael's, scrapbooking supplies in the color scheme of your choice, and a bit of Mod Podge. 

Trace the letters on the scrapbooking paper and then use an exacto knife to cut it as close to the wood letters as possible.
Then use a brush to Mod Podge the paper to the letters.  Watch out for bubbles in the paper!  I did two coats.
Decorate with stickers, paper flowers, ribbon, whatever.  And enjoy!


  1. Love love love her name and her :)! Can she get here already? Im tired of waiting!!!

  2. Im 28 and Ryan is my name and I love it! Clare is my middle name after my grandmother. So maybe a girlie middle name? Either way it's awesome

  3. That's so fun! Her middle name is Cathleen which is my middle name! Love hearing that you love your name :)