May 23, 2013

DIY Nursery Mobile

Today I finished yet another nursery project that's been on the backburner for quite some time.  I can't claim that I was the creative genius behind this idea.  It's hard to remember if I originally saw it on Pinterest or if it was just Googling nursery ideas, but the inspiration came from this blog tutorial (isn't her nursery adorable).  I did my crystal and pearl mobile very similarly but I will detail my exact way of doing it here because I tweaked it slightly.  If you are confused, you might want to check out the original one!

First things first, gather your supplies. 

You will need:

1. Wire wreath (originally green) spray painted the color of your choice.  I went with white.  This can be found at most craft stores but I got mine at Michael's.  The wreath will NOT have that cross thing in the middle. I added that (made from a coat hanger) because I wanted to add a string to the middle and I wasn't initially sure how I planned to hang the mobile and I wanted "options."  Adding this is not necessary though.
2. Crystals, pearls, beads.  Again, go to Michael's and check out their jewelry making section.  They have TONS of colors and beads to choose from.  I used a couple different sized clear crystals as well as baby pink pearls.  However, word to the wise, go on a day they are having a sale or a day where you have a coupon.  Depending on how many strings and beads you plan to use, this can be a little pricey.

3.  Fishing line to hang from ceiling (#20 found at Sports Chalet), jewelry making line (#6 found at Michael's), and whatever you want to use at the top around the wreath.  I used burlap and a white rose ribbon.
4. White Swag Hook Kit.  Can be purchased at Home Depot.

The first thing I did was using the 20# fishing line, tie 6 long strings to each of the "knobs" on the wire wreath.  You are going to want to make sure this thing is level before you hang a bazillion strings of crystals to it.  I didn't have much of a problem leveling this out.  I then tied all six strings in about 1 million knots 4-5 knots.  I left excess line at the end to use to hang the mobile with.

**Note: You are going to need to find a place to hang this mobile while you are making the strings and attaching them as to avoid it getting into a tangled mess.  I used a top closet rail.

Then, begin making your strings of beads with the #6 line.  I did this "semi" randomly.  I say semi because while I didn't specifically measure the length of each string or how far apart the beads were from each other, I did have a somewhat pattern that I was following to even out the look.  This was partially because I was using different sized and colored beads.  If you are using the same beads for the entire mobile, this would probably not be as important but I didn't want the same color and size to end up all in the same place.  Maybe I'm a little OCD.
I tied strings to all four rings of the wreath and had no real issue with tangling as long as it was hanging.  I would say I ended up with approximately 50 different strings of beads.

I then cut and hot glued the burlap and lace flower ribbon together.  If you've ever dealt with burlap, then you know it can be difficult to use.  My nursery theme is "vintage-shabby chic" so I was okay with the fact that the burlap isn't cut perfectly.  If that's not your style, check out some other types of fabric or ribbon.  Then, hot glue the burlap to the outer ring being careful not to melt the fishing line that you used.
Lastly, I used a white swag hook kit from Home Depot to hang the mobile over the crib. I ended up just tying a knot and looping it over the swag hook.  So far it seems to be hanging very well.

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I think it looks a lot better in person because my little point and shoot camera fails to pick up the "sparkle." But it's so sweet and adds so much to my nursery!

If you decide to make one, good luck!  And I can't wait to see how yours turns out. :)


  1. It's darling! I think it surpassed our expectations! Any more projects on your agenda before D-Day?

    I love you,

  2. Love love love it! It will be our best seller in our etsy shop! and LOVE the whole nursery. xo

  3. Love this project! How much would you say you spent?

    1. Thank you! I'd say I probably spent $50-75. It would have cost more but I was careful to only buy the beads when I had coupons at Michaels as they can be pretty pricey without some kind of sale. It's possible you could find cheaper knock off versions of the beading elsewhere though.

  4. Awesome! I will attempt to do this. How did you secure the beads?

    1. I just tied knots below each one to keep it in place.

  5. Hi, Good morning I'm in love with this baby mobile it is stunning:)
    Do you happen to remember where you purchased the baby pink beads? There are assorted sizes correct? Can't wait to hear back from you want to start this project for my baby niece👣👣

    1. And approximately how many beads where used thank you:)