The Wedding

I decided it was necessary to add a page about our wedding:
1. Because I spent 6 months of my life planning for this one day.
2. Because I had an awesome photographer who took about a million pictures and gave them all to me.
3. Because this day was the day that my life truly began.

Joshua and I were married on June 26, 2010 in Bakersfield, California.  The day started out super early for me.  I know most brides spend the morning of their wedding day getting pampered and beautified for the ceremony and yes, I did some of that too.  But at about 5:30am I headed out to the reception site with my mom and sisters to finish last minute details for the evening.  Our reception was held at Josh's grandparents farm therefore, everything was set up by us.  There was no event coordinator on site to put out the chairs, tables, dance floor, decorations, etc.  Lots of last minute things had to be done the morning of, and I couldn't stand not being out there to make sure that those details met my every expectation. 

By 8 or so, I realized I needed to get home to get ready for my big day.  My good friend Chelsea (who was like 8 months pregant at the time), came to my house to do my hair along with some of my bridesmaids.  It was a fun morning of relaxing and drinking mamosas.  I was surprisingly calm most of the morning.  I know people talk about getting cold feet, but I never really got nervous at all.  I was just excited to become Mrs. Stephanie Scurlock and I couldn't wait to marry the best guy I've ever known.  I had a lot of trust in God that I was marrying the man meant for me and so a wave of calmness had swept over me.

I found my beautiful wedding dress and veil at a store in Bakersfield called The Little White Dress.  This was only the second store I had looked at, but it took about 30 dresses to find "the one."  Prior to trying on dresses, I had thought I wanted mostly lace, with sleeves or straps, empire waist, A-line but what I ended up buying (or I guess I should say what Mom ended up buying) was the exact opposite but I feel in love with it the moment I put it on.  It was a dress I feel I was meant to wear and my only wish is that I could wear it again. 

My shoes oh my shoes.  My main wedding color was kelly green and I opted to stray from the traditional wedding shoe.  Instead, I decided on Kelly green shoes.  You should have seen the look on people's faces when I told them I was wearing green wedding shoes. :)  Now, it is not an easy task to find green shoes in general, let alone green shoes that look like they could be meant for a bride.  I ended up finding the perfect shoes on a websited called "myglassslipper" and I had them dyed green.  They weren't the exact kelly green I was looking for, but they worked and I loved them.

Our rings were purchased at Stockdale Jewelers in Bakersfield.  Josh picked out my ring all on his own.  It is dainty and sparkly, and oh so gorgeous.  Josh went with a wedding band in Tungsten which has a little more of a grayish tint to it then white gold.  It is very "him," simple, and not to flashy.

My bouquet as well as all my floral arrangements were done by a friend of my cousins named Robin.  She has been doing wedding florals as a side business for years.  She was so great to work with and really did exactly as I asked.  I wanted everything simple and bright and I went with gerber daisys for everything.

The ceremony took place at a small church in downtown Bakersfield called Mill Creek Christian Church.  I decided to have the ceremony there because that is where my parents got married 26 years earlier.  I finished getting ready at the church in the pink bride's room.  It was such a cute room, painted in pink, with big mirrors and lots of space to get ready in.

When the doors opened to walk down the aisle toward my soon to be husband, my nerves finally set in.  I'm not sure if it was because I was getting married, or if it was because I had about 200+ people with all eyes on me, but I think it was the latter.  I opted not to use the traditional wedding song for my walk down the aisle.  As a surprise to Josh, I walked down the aisle to "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music played by the Tea Rose String Quartet that we had hired to play for the wedding.  "Edelweiss" is a song that I used to sing to Josh regularly.  When he was gone in Sweden playing football for 7 months while we were dating, he used to call me and ask me to sing it for him.  The song holds such a special place in my heart and to walk down the aisle toward him while it played was more emotionally overwhelming than I can even explain.

The ceremony was short and sweet. But it was filled with lots of love and hope for the future. In front of our closest family and friends, and in the presence of God, we committed ourselves to each other, for better or worse, till death do us part.

As we walked back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Scurlock, I knew that our life was about to begin and that nothing would be the same as it had been before that day, but that everything would be better.  We were both so happy!
We left the ceremony in an old Rolls Royce.  It was such a classic car and so fun to drive away in after just becoming husband and wife.

Our reception was at Suburu Farm which is Josh's grandparents farm.  The setting is beautiful and rustic and elegant all at the same time.  We strung lots of white lights through the trees and in the evening, the farm lit up so beautifully.  It was the perfect place for a summer wedding. 

 My brother painted this sign on the shed with washable paint so that our guests would know when they were at the right place.  It was utterly impossible to miss.
The centerpieces of the tables were orange, pink, and yellow gerber daisies in square glass vases with sliced limes at the bottom.  They were simple, yet added a big pop of color to each table and an element of "freshness."

Between my mom, my "maids" (sisters), and I, we made 300 pinwheels for the reception.  We placed them all over the farm and they really added some color to the location.  They took a long time to make, but they were cheap and easy to do and so worth it.

Instead of table numbers, we went with table names.  Every table was named after a place that Josh and I have visited with a picture of us at that place.  For the seating chart, we hung cards on some twine with clothespins.  It turned out so cute I think.

The cake was done by a friend of mine named Renee.  She bakes cakes and cupcakes as a side job/hobby.  She did such a great job.  The cake not only looked wonderful, but tasted absolutely delicious too.
Josh and I took most of our pictures together after the ceremony while our guests were enjoying cocktail hour at the reception.  Holly, my photographer, did a better job than I could have dreamed.  I love all of the pictures of us.  They capture exactly how we felt on that day, so in love.  There is such a glow in each of our faces and a general happiness that shows in every picture. 

Our reception was so so so fun!  We ate, drank, and danced the night away.  It was a huge party with friends and family and it turned out exactly how we wanted it to.

I tossed my bouquet from the treehouse.  Yes, I climbed up the ladder to the treehouse in my wedding dress. It might have been a little dangerous (for my dress), but it was such a fun and different way to toss my bouquet.
Our bridal party was simply amazing.  It was filled with brothers and sisters and the best friends anyone could ask for.  We were so honored to have all of these amazing people stand by our side as we were married.
We left our reception through a string of sparklers held by our friends and family as they cheered.  It was the best day of my life, and I couldn't have asked for anything better.